Artist Statement

We are all students of the earth. We all follow different paths during our lifetimes but we all give back to mother earth in our own way. I am a student of natural and manmade beauty. I like to capture the image as well as the energy of the things and places i see. I love the landscape, i love the instrument. I like the contrast between detail and soft lines to give the viewer a fresh experience. I work mainly with acrylics but from time to time work with oils when the mood allows. I love form and colour. A landscape can often be a visual metaphor for an emotion. Think of the wild moorland in the novel “wuthering heights”. The cold damp moors, shrouded in mist, forgotten in time. And like a landscape, MUSIC in a minor or major key can evoke feelings of sadness or feelings of joy. A landscape painting speaks to us through LIGHT. The angle of the light “through the mist”, the saturation of the colour, its intensity. All this can evoke those same feelings of sorrow or joy depending on the time of year and the weather. I paint to be included in this earth. So much of what we are is reflected in the landscape of life. My work is my mirror for you to see. The mirror is my ARTSCAPE looking back. When i am motivated i am driven to share these reflections, to capture what I see

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