No time to ponder

When was the last time you had to really ponder.What does it mean to ponder.According to the dictionary it says  to weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care.To reflect or consider with thoroughness and care. Todays modern fast paced life has taken away from us that ability to ponder, to day dream as it were.for instance,we listen to music on our iphones but we have been robbed of true recorded sound.Who can remember listening to your favourite artist on the record player (its dating me now).Settling down with the lights down low on a winters evening in January.A crackling fire and hot cider in hand listening to Gordon Lightfoots A winters tale.And what about art.When was the last time you really looked at art upclose and pondered at the painting at your local art gallery?Now we look at art on our ipads,but its not the same.We have lost the ability to ponder what really matters in life to really touch and then think about it.

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The tick of the clock

Hi all, I must start with thanking all who gave comment here on the blog.Looks like we are all thinking the same way.Whether we live in a busy city or in the country there is an inner need for us all to give back in our own way. Its Sunday morning,traditionally a quiet day.As i write this i can hear the Grand father clock ticking out the seconds of my life.Time tends to make me panic a bit.Not enough time to do everything i want to do in a weekend before i have to head back to work Monday.At least i have half a cup of coffee left in my mug and time has given me another few minutes to really enjoy what this moment is all about

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2011,time to slow down a bit


 Join me this year in slowing down the pace of life a bit.Lets kick back a little and smell the roses,we wont retire with a stash of money saved up any way.Everyone works hard to put a roof over ones head,gets some sort of education,bring up the kids,send them off to school.We are investing in OUR lives.Life changes a lot so lets get the right mentality.Remember,we dont need all this stuff.

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Christmas in Andrewsville

This time of year gives us time to relax with a little wine and to get in touch with our emotions.I painted this cottage from a picture i took of an old stone house in Andrewsville
Andrewsville is an interesting place.Infact its listed as a ghost town.Take a look here Andrewsville history

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Merrickville and world heritage site

Its Spring time and there is a buzz in the air in Merrickville.If you have never visited the town you need to go see.Take in a play,its the best kept secret in the area or roam through the shopping district and end up in one of the fine restaurants.

Just go for a Sunday drive and take in the history and all that the arts have to offer you.

Merrickville is known for its charming streets and heritage architecture and dont forget the canal and locks. Opens MAY 21.
Click on link below for more history of the canal system.

canal history

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Valley history

 The Town of Manotick sits on the Rideau River Valley region just south of the City of Ottawa. It is a picturesque community and every spring the local artists get together to host a three day art show and sale.Here are a few pictures of Old Watsons mill that sits on the bank of the Rideau river built by MK Dickinson in 1860.You can find out more about the Grist Mill by clicking here on the History of the Mill link.

Back picture of Mill

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The Rhythm of Nature

  With your own eyes you can watch the daily rhythm of night,day,night,day and the rhythm of the four seasons that are spring,summer,autumn and winter,regularly repeating themselves over and over again.We look at the rhythms of the moon becoming full,then waning,then becoming full again as it revolves around the earth.The magnetic pull of these rhythms is recorded in the tides of the sea.From the motion of the planets around the sun the rhythms of the sky are charted.Sit down in the red arm chair for a moment and relax to the rhythms of the universe.

The painting was created in 2002. Acrylic on canvas. Now Listen  as you float around the moon in that old arm chair while watching the winter  olympics on the telly.






© 2010

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Girl in Muskoka

Girl in Muskoka Muskoka

This is a pencil drawing of a girl i met while my wife and i were on vacation in Muskoka,north of Toronto.The Muskoka area is known for its lakes and valleys.During the summer months the city moves out to cottage country and becomes their playground.

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2010,time to get creative

Welkom,Bienvenido,Huan ying,Bienvenue,Hwangyong-hamnida,Cooee Cobber.

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Thanksgiving in Kennebunkport

                                   Kennebunkport Sun up over Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport was established in 1653.The town is located along the Kennebunkport River. It is a popular seaside tourist destination and has a great art following. Kennebunkport is known as the location of the summer house of former U.S. president George H W Bush. My wife and I needed some time a way for a few days so we booked into the Kennebunkport Inn. Its right at dock side overlooking the river. While drinking coffee overlooking the harbor I looked up over the roof line and saw what was to become my next painting. The sun was above the horizon, burning off the early morning mist, its rays burning into the east side of the cupola. The sky was turning blue signaling the start of another autumn day.

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